6 Tips to avoide addiction to iPad

Published: 18th June 2012
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I think my 4-year-old is addicted to the iPad. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?
1) Education:
In the ever evolving and growing field of electronics, you can be assured that almost everyone on this planet has heard about iPad, iPhone, tablets and other hand held devices that can be leveraged to access information.
However, when it comes to kids and electronics, studies suggest that having strict rules in place can assure a healthy educational environment. For parents, however, it is the matter of education. You need to become familiar with the device and its ability to access information. Unless you are familiar and hold the key to information and many apps that can be loaded into your favorite device, you may put yourself at a disadvantage. By this I mean, your child learns much faster that you and I put together. Take a moment, a day or two even pay for some on-line lessons to learn the operations and apps.
2) What kids want versus what they get:
If it is up to you and I, we want every little gadget and games that we can play with and have. Think about it, we are adults and rule our own logics. What holds us back is the reality of the matter; we cannot have every toy, car, vacation, house unlimited time and more. We have the grip on the reality but kids don't. This is the direct results of experience and living a life. They are simply do not have enough experience to back up their feelings of "wants", "needs" and "haves". We are the one in the control of the situation. My suggestion is limited access during school days, only for research and getting the school work done. And reduced access during weekends as it may be called brownouts. There should also be a complete blackout, such as during lunch and dinner, before going to bed and as you see fit according to your family situation.
3) Your engagement:
It is absolutely vital to engage. By this I mean, not only learn the device, but also monitor the engagement of your child and extend of it. As a parent, I like to observe my daughters engagement in various activities, specially their interest in computer and application packages. Using this, I can channel them to learn more. Again, I know that they can learn much faster than I, so I resort to self education on line at an expense. Don't use iPad as a babysitter.
4) Contain your feelings
If you instruct your child not to play violent games (I don't have this issue with my 5 years old), as they get older, they may step out of the realm of your supervision, and venture into what you strictly told them not to do. However, if you train them to use the constructive application packages that help them to be creative, you may introduce a good habit into the situation and most likely they stick with it. No matter what, don't get angry if they venture out a bit. Again, you need to know well about the device to be able to monitor the usage.
5) Games, Games and games
If your child is similar to millions of other children, like mine, they are attracted to challenges. Some of the games provide analytical skills and I think they are good. However, you still need to know about it, by learning them. One of my favorite sites is pbs site that also has a link for kids. They offer a series of interactive games for free. It appears that children learn the games fast and zone in on the one that attracts their attention and challenges them. My favorites amongst games are free, educational games that also offer a physical activity. For the list of other 2 please see my blog.

To learn more about your iPad visit iPad Video Lessons. allanb1 is a writer who enjoys writing about the iPad and other computer gadgets.

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